Friday, 8 November 2013

Full analysis of Step Up opening sequence

Step up 

0:06 to 0:12 - we are presented with a dance studio filled with ballet dancers stretching and warming up. we view this from a still mid shot. shortly after credits being to show up on the screen 'summit entertainment, which is the film studio/company that created the film. We see a fade transition and the screen goes blank 

0:12 to 0:20 - We are now presented with street dancers preparing to dance outside and shortly after credits pop up on the screen. We see this for 3 seconds then we see a fade transition back to the previous shot with the ballet dancers. Throughout the following seconds the shots flicker back and forth from the streets dancers to the ballet dancer. At 0:17 we are finally presented with the film title, the text flickers and each letter spins around and then music begins to play. 

0:20 to 0:32 - The shots continue to flicker from the two environments. Both groups dance and move in similar ways whilst the shots jump. At 0:27 the name of the main actor pops up on the screen followed by the lean actress in the film. The titles appear on the right hand side of the screen however the film title appeared in the center. 

0:32 to 1:57 - For this time period we continue to see the mix of street dancer and ballet dancers dancing. The types of angles and shot co ordinate with each other, for example when there is a low angle shot of the streets dancers where we can see only there legs, we see the exact same shot with the ballet dancer and we can only see their legs as well. The titles go from the most important actors in the film to the directors and covers all the conventions of a opening title sequence.


  • The titles are way to small and are barely visible
  • There so much going on that you don't have time to pay attention to the credits 
  • The credits are not on the screen long enough 

  • The transitions are smooth 
  • everything coordinates well and goes with the music 
  • An entertaining opening  

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