Friday, 21 March 2014

Shooting Schedule




First shooting
The first scenes that we shot were the party scenes. This consisted of close ups, wise shots, mid shots and low shots.

Second Shooting
For the second shooting we filmed the getting ready scenes and also the alleyway scenes. These scenes consisted of panning shots and close up.

Third Shooting
On the third shooting day we filmed any extra scenes that we needed.  This again consisted of close ups wide shots, long shots mid shots and also panning shots

Music making process

In this video I briefly talk about the process of me making the music for our opening sequence.

 Below are example of videos i watched to help me get familiar with the Logic Pro software. By watching these tutorials I was quickly able to pick up how to use logic and eventually produce the music for our film. This process didn't take long as i was able to figure out how to use logic within a couple days of use, this resulted in  the music for our film being made within the space of week, spending about an hour a day.

Music for Film

Logic Pro

By using logic I was able to create the music for our opening sequence. The tracks helps to create and set a dark atmosphere which matches up very well with our film.

Budget List Explained

Projected Budget (Wish List)

Projected Budget (Official)