Sunday, 23 February 2014

Test Film

Messed around with our test footage and put together a short video.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Test Filming Analysis

  • Lighting 
  • Space 
  • Amount of People
  • Spot Lights 
  • Rearranging Furniture
  • Increase numbers of people



No verbal speaking taking place in the opening sequence.  All sound is done on the soundtrack which was done using logic , then the final bit of sound at the end is normal sound that we enhanced from our filming to add dramatic effect.

0:00 - 0:06 ( title sequence sound )

0:06 - 1:54 ( track created on logic played through on its own ...)

1:54 - 2:03 ( track played in the background whilst party convocation takes place )

2:03 - 2:12 ( enhanced filmed sound to add dramatic effect )

2:12 - 2:19 ( no sound because end of opening sequence )

Film Pitch

Film Plot

1. Friends chilling and having fun at a party

2. One of the people from the school social group is getting ready and making his way to the party

3. On his way to the party he gets into some trouble which leads to him being attacked

4. He eventually dies and his friends at the party are completely unaware of what has happened and continue to party whilst they wait on their friend.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Our Film

Sound Effects

Using sound effects will be key and useful when creating our film. Especially as we are trying to show different environments at the same time, using sound effects will allow the audience to distingish between the two environments. Also there is a scene in our opening sequence where one of the characters is attacked, however we won't actually show it happening. Sound effects will help us to establish that someone is being attacked.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014



In one of my own videos I have used split screen to show two different characters which are located in different locations to each other. This is exactly what will use for our film.

Here is an example of blending shots together. Three different shots were filmed in the video and were blended together to make one shot and give the effect of multiple versions of myself.

Above are images of props that we my need to use to help create our film. For example Lighting is displayed above because we need it as we are going to be filming in a dark environment, and in order for important objects and characters to be visible we will need to use different forms lights.

Company Logo

Above is a possible logo for our film company that will be displayed at the start of the opening title sequence before the film starts. We planned for when this is shown for it to have a distorted effect on it like a broadcasting. After that there will be a zoom in on the black circle, which will act as transition to the start of the film.  

Number of people in scene

This is also a good indicator of the amount of people we will want in out scene , we will try and go for between 8 - 12 

Lighting for scene (Alex Post)

This is a similar lighting set up to what we want in terms of tone of the room and general brightness.