Friday, 25 October 2013

Man Of Steel Title Sequence analylsis

Man of Steel

The title sequence for man of steel brings us straight into the film and engages the audience by showing the lead up to what’s about to go on the in the film. The strengths and benefits of this is that the viewer is drawn to the screen as they want to know what is going on, however it also has a weakness as it makes the viewer less likely to pay attention to the titles. Furthermore the titles are in the corner of the screen and out of the way, this again make it less likely for the audience to want to pay attention to the titles as their main focus will be what’s going on in the scenes . On the flip side, the scenes being displayed move at quite a slow place which allows the viewer to pay attention to the titles without getting distracted, however if you look at them or not depends on the viewer themselves. 
  • Engages the viewer with what’s going on
  • Enough time to look at and read the titles 
  • Smooth transitions 
  • Background audio coordinates with the images being displayed 
  • Clear to understand what is going on
  • Simple and effective 
  • Text is too small
  • Possible to get distracted and not pay attention to the titles 
  • Main actors where not highlighted or made significant 

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